Useful Docker Commands

Docker commands you should know

Automatically start containers - restart policies

  • Restart policies to control whether your containers start automatically when they exit, or when Docker restart

  • Restart policies ensure that linked containers are started in the correct order.

  • Docker recommends that you use restart policies, and avoid using process managers to start containers.

To configure the restart policy for a container, use the –restart flag when using the docker run command. The value of the --restart flag can be:

  • --restart no : (default) Do not automatically restart the container.

  • --restart on-failure : Restart the container if it exits due to an error, which manifests as a non-zero exit code.

  • --restart always : Always restart the container if it stops. If it is manually stopped, it is restarted only when Docker daemon restarts or the container itself is manually restarted.

  • --restart unless-stopped : Similar to always, except that when the container is stopped (manually or otherwise), it is not restarted even after Docker daemon restarts.

CMD directive ( Dockerfile)

It sets the default command for the image that runs if no other command is specified.

EXPOSE directive

The EXPOSE directive documents the ports that should be published when running a container from the image.

ENV directive

It sets environment variables that are made available in subsequent build steps and to containers at the runtime.

ADD versus COPY directive

  • The ADD directive can pull a file from an external URL.
  • The ADD directive can extract an archive into the image.

Flattening an existing multi-layered image into a single layer

We can run a container from the image, export it, and then import it as a new image.

  • docker service ps nginx list all of the replicas that are part of a service nginx

view detailed metadata about a container

docker container inspect

find metadata about any container.

docker inspect

query metadata about any Docker object.

Command to view logs for all of the tasks in a service called my-service

docker service logs my-service

This command will retrieve logs for all of the tasks in the service.

This command will evenly spread out tasks based upon the values of the availability_zone label.

docker service create --placement-pref spread=node.labels.availability_zone nginx

What flag should we use to specify a custom volume driver when creating a volume alongside a service that has docker service create ?

–mount volume-driver=

Which storage driver is the default for current versions of CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu?


Which of the following commands may result in the creation of a new named volume?

docker run -v my-vol:/tmp nginx

This command will create a new volume called my-vol if one does not already exist under that name.

Which of the following commands will allow us to mount the /my/path directory on the host to a container?

docker run -v /my/path:/tmp nginx
docker run --mount source=/my/path,destination=/tmp nginx

Which of the following statements about the overlay network driver is accurate?

The overlay network driver dynamically creates networking components on the node when a relevant task gets scheduled on that node.

Which of the following tasks can we perform to set a custom DNS server for a container?

We can use the --dns flag with docker run.

Which of the following commands will create a new bridge network?

docker network create my-network Since the bridge is the default, a new bridge network will generate even when --driver is not specified.

Which of the following statements about Docker Content Trust (DCT) is accurate?

When Docker Content Trust is enabled, unsigned images will not be allowed to run on the system.

Which command allows us to create an encrypted overlay network?

docker network create --opt encrypted --driver overlay my-net

Which of the following is a secure method for allowing a Docker client to authenticate with a registry that uses a self-signed certificate?

We add the self-signed certificate as a trusted registry certificate under /etc/docker/certs.d/


The Docker daemon must run as root, so it is essential to ensure that it’s being protected and has limited access to it.

We can set dns in /etc/docker/daemon.json ; valid method that we can use for setting the default DNS server for all containers on a host

When creating a container, how would we specify that the container should be attached to an existing network called my-network?

We can use docker run --network my-network nginx

When creating an overlay network, what flag can we use to allow containers to attach to the network after it is created?


View container logs

docker logs

Which component of the Docker Container Networking Model (CNM) is responsible for allocating IP addresses within Docker networks?

The IP Address Management (IPAM) Driver is responsible

The none driver

The none driver implements sandboxes.

Which of the following commands will publish a service’s port, but only on nodes that are running a task for that service?

docker service create -p mode=host,published=8082,target=80 nginx

How would we create a volume called new-volume without running a container?

We would run docker volume create new-volume

Which of the following commands would we use to locate the data for a volume on the host?

docker volume inspect

Which storage driver is the default for CentOS 7 and earlier?


This command will return the container metadata, including the location of its data on the host.

docker container inspect <container>

What volume driver allows you to create and access external storage that can be shared across a Docker Swarm cluster using SSH?

vieux/sshfs This is a custom driver that uses SSH to access remote storage from any node in the cluster.

What command would we use to list the services that are part of a stack called web-store?

docker stack services web-store

Which of the following commands will allow us to add a label to a Docker Swarm node?

docker node update --label-add <label> <node name>

Which of the following commands would successfully change the number of replicas to 5 in a service called my-service?

docker service update --replicas 5 my-service
docker service scale my-service=5

Daniel has some nodes with labels that specify the availability zone of each node. He wants to run a service that can run tasks on any node and that do not have the label availability_zone=east. Which command should he use?

docker service create --constraint node.labels.availability_zone!=east nginx

docker swarm unlock-key command

Which of the following best describes the procedure for backing up the Universal Control Plane (UCP) metadata?

Run a container from the ucp image with the backup command

What Linux feature does Docker use in order to limit memory usage for containers?

Control groups (cgroups)

How would we back up Docker Swarm?

Back up the contents of /var/lib/docker/swarm on a Swarm manager.

How would we create a new swarm cluster?

Run docker swarm init

What does the HEALTHCHECK directive do?

It sets a command that will be used by the Docker daemon to determine whether the container is healthy.


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